Talking about the advantages of PE double-wall corrugated pipe compared with cement pipe


PE double wall corrugated pipes are "flexible pipes" that can deform before they break. Concrete drain pipes are "rigid pipes", i.e. they cannot have large deformations before they are damaged. When buried in the ground to withstand external pressure loads, the mechanics of "flexible pipe" and "rigid pipe" are completely different.


1. Comparison of service life and corrosion resistance: The normal service life of ordinary reinforced concrete pipes is generally 20-25 years, while the service life of PE double-wall corrugated pipes is more than 50 years. Wastewater, the correlation between the two is more different, and the performance of plastic corrugated pipes is far better than that of cement pipes; in terms of maintenance management, PE double-wall corrugated pipes have smooth inner walls, less deposited dirt, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and durability. Equivalence is good, and maintenance and management costs are correspondingly lower.

2. Comparison of sealing performance and maintenance: in terms of pipeline sealing performance, the plastic bellows itself will not leak, the length of the pipe is long, and the number of joints is small; in addition, the rubber sealing ring is used for socket connection, the interface is flexible, the sealing performance is good, and it is resistant to unevenness It has strong settling ability and can adapt to changes in large angles, so the possibility of leakage is much lower than that of concrete pipes, and basically zero leakage can be achieved. The leakage of concrete pipelines is usually considered as 10% of the drainage in the design of pipeline engineering; if the groundwater level is lower than the bottom of the pipeline, the water in the pipeline will leak, pollute the groundwater and cause secondary pollution; if the groundwater level is high, the pipeline will leak. bottom, which will cause groundwater to leak into the cement pipe and increase the drainage of the pipe. When sewage pipes are connected to a sewage treatment plant, the amount of treated water in the sewage treatment plant will increase, and the cost of sewage treatment will also increase. In addition, the problem of immersion of cement pipes in quicksand areas is likely to cause abnormal damage accidents such as soil erosion, subsidence and blockage of pipelines, and subsidence of surrounding ground. The annual repair cost of immersed pipes in Shanghai alone is as high as tens of millions of yuan.

3. Comparison of hydraulic characteristics: inner wall roughness of PE double-wall corrugated pipe n=0.01, concrete pipe n=0.013, according to the formula V=1/n**, under the same pipe diameter and hydraulic gradient conditions, plastic corrugated pipe and The displacement of concrete pipes differs by more than 30%.

4. Comparison of transportation, installation and construction: PE double-wall corrugated pipe is light in weight, convenient in transportation, fast in construction and low in installation cost. According to the calculation: DN500mm plastic corrugated pipe can be installed by 3-4 people, and the time is only 5-6min. In general, from trenching (with mechanical excavation) - flat bottom - pipe laying - backfilling, 40m can be installed within 8 hours Above, compared with the same diameter of cement pipe installation time saving more than 50%. Mechanical hoisting is required during the installation of cement pipes, so the cost of machinery is also much higher.

5. Comparison of construction requirements: plastic corrugated pipes do not need to be used as concrete foundations. Compared with cement pipes, in terms of project progress, it can save time for the pouring and maintenance of cement foundations and pipe joints. The installation process is relatively simple, and the required operating space is relatively small. Small, the excavation volume of the earthwork is also low.

In general, although the unit price of PE double-wall corrugated pipes is higher than that of cement pipes, the one-time comprehensive investment is not high. If the full life cycle model is used for economic evaluation, when comparing engineering design plans, the investment in engineering infrastructure will be considered. , maintenance and management costs and service life are comprehensively evaluated, so the comprehensive cost is much lower than that of cement pipes.