PE water supply pipes have higher requirements for safety performance


The raw material of the pe pipe is polyethylene, which is a material with good stability, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and resistance to various chemical materials, and carbon black is added to the pe pipe during the production process, which makes the pe pipe more weather-resistant. Strong, make the life of the pe pipe longer.


PE water supply pipe is a kind of pipe for transporting water resources, and it has high requirements on the safety performance of the pipe. Therefore, in the selection of additives, priority should be given to products that are environmentally friendly, bad and can improve product performance. Do not put the cart before the horse and ignore safety issues. .

The PE water supply pipe can use blue pipe or black pipe to extrude blue strips. Usually the latter has better UV and anti-aging properties. PE water supply pipes should not be used in public, and casing protection is also recommended when used in public.

Although there are many types of pe water supply pipes, they are always the same. As a pipe that transports water resources, the quality is important. When purchasing, enterprises can choose products with better quality that suit their own actual conditions. As a pipe for water transportation, PE water supply pipe has formulated a series of standards, and its quality supervision is relatively strict, so the product quality is good, and it will not affect people's drinking water safety, and everyone can use it with confidence.

It will be made of recycled PE material. If you buy this product, it will affect the normal use. At this time, the buyer needs to master some skills to judge whether the product is old or new. PE pipes can transport sediment, mud, or irrigate and replace cement pipes, galvanized pipes, iron pipes, etc. for the transformation of old pipes, without extensive excavation.