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PE-RT floor heating pipe

Fangsheng PE-RT II Floor Heating Pipe


Water supply and drainage/water saving pipes


PE-RT floor heating pipe



PE-RT floor heating pipe can be widely used in residential, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, stadiums and other floor heating, bathroom, hot spring water, indoor swimming, heat exchanger, heating coil, chemical, medicine, milk and beverage fluid pipeline.

1. Non-toxic, hygienic, non-corrosive, non-breeding bacteria, non-polluting water quality, smooth inner wall, low friction resistance.
2. Excellent stress crack resistance and creep resistance.
3. Plastic memory performance is good, can be restored after fracture.
4. Good flexibility, can be normal construction at lower temperature.
5. Resistant to temperature and pressure, can work stably in -70 to 110 ℃ environment, and the blasting force can reach 6.0Mpa.
6. High thermal conductivity, especially suitable for floor heating pipes, cold and hot water pipes.
7. Good thermal insulation performance, heat conduction without scaling.
8. Installation and maintenance costs are low, no tapping, buckling, welding and special equipment are required, and "blocking, risking, dripping and leaking" are eliminated ".
9. Excellent heat aging resistance, service life of more than 50 years.

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