Cleaning tips for PE water supply pipes


PE water supply pipe cleaning coup

1. Generally, bacteria are easy to breed in a humid environment, and algae are easy to produce in a sunny environment. We can add fungicides to the circulating system to eliminate bacteria and algae in the circulating water and keep the water clean.

2. When the pipeline is draining, if there are many impurities in the water, it is easy to have biological slime attached to the inner wall of the pipeline, which will increase over time, thereby affecting the runoff of the pipeline and even causing blockage. We can add peeling agent to clear the slime out through the circulation system.


3. There may be floating iron, dirt, oil and other residues in the pipeline system. We can add cleaning agents, dispersants, etc. to disperse and discharge these substances, so as to avoid residues on the pipe wall and keep the pipe wall clean and hygienic.

4. In order to have a better anti-corrosion effect, we can also invest in pre-filming agents, which can form a dense polymeric polymer protective film on the inner wall of the pipeline, so that when the pipeline discharges sewage, there is no need to worry about the pipeline being corroded. affect performance.

5. When the pipeline is used for a long time, it is easy to produce scale, which affects the water quality and water flow. Therefore, we can add corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors to prevent the crystallization and precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions, thereby avoiding the formation of scale. produce.