What are the protection points of Hebei pe double-wall corrugated pipe?


I have introduced the application of pe double-wall corrugated pipes in various industries before. In actual processing and use, there are often some reasons that the corrugated pipes are damaged. Protection points of bellows.
1. The corrugated pipes transported to the site should be stacked neatly, and the corrugated pipes should not be stepped on.
2. The bellows should be covered and protected to prevent wind and rain from causing premature aging.
3. The cutting bellows should be straight, and cannot be cut into oblique openings.
4. The method of bellows joints: the bellows joints should be covered with large bellows with a length of 0.3 meters, and the two ends should be tightened in half, and no gap should be left in the middle. In order to leave no gap in the middle, marks should be made at the ends of the two joints. After it is done, wrap it tightly with tape to prevent leakage.


5. The positioning of the bellows should be accurate, especially near the joint. The spacing between the steel bars for the positioning of the bellows is 0.5 meters, which is indispensable.
6. When the welded steel bar is close to the corrugated pipe, measures should be taken to protect the corrugated pipe from being burned. If it is accidentally burned, the burnt area should be tightly wrapped with tape.
7. Considering that the number of corrugated pipes on the top plate is gradually decreasing, all parts that conflict with corrugated pipes should avoid corrugated pipes.
8. When pouring concrete, do not discharge material against the corrugated pipe. The vibrating rod cannot collide with the bellows, and it is strictly forbidden to vibrate two vibrating rods sandwiching a bellows. When vibrating the web, it is strictly forbidden to vibrate the vibrating rod in the same position for a long time, and the vibrating time shall not exceed 20 seconds.
9. When removing the mold, pay attention to protect the bellows leaking at the end. The above points need everyone's attention. These problems can be avoided as long as you pay attention and be careful during construction and pay attention to these details. If the above problems occur, resulting in damage to the corrugated pipe, it should be replaced immediately, and no construction should be carried out to avoid losses.