Several characteristics of PE water supply pipe


With the continuous progress of society, the technology of PE water supply pipe is becoming more and more mature, and the application of PE water supply pipe in all walks of life is becoming more and more extensive. So in which aspects does PE water supply pipe have unique advantages? What do you use? Today, let's take a closer look at PE water supply pipes.

The main material of PE water supply pipe is high-strength polyethylene. Polyethylene has very good corrosion resistance, and has very good safety performance and service life. According to the material, the service life of high-strength polyethylene pipes is usually 50 years. The above is standard and confirmed. As a non-inert material, high-strength polyethylene is resistant to various chemical reactions and is not easy to breed bacteria. It is a good choice to replace steel pipes and cast iron pipes. Very convenient.


PE water supply pipe has very good flexibility and good scratch resistance. Another important property of polyethylene is that it can enhance the value of pipeline engineering. Its unique flexibility can meet various needs of various industries, and it has a very outstanding Even in the environment of -70C, the performance of PE water supply pipe is still better than other pipes, and the toughness of rapid crack growth can also protect the pipe from water explosion.